Committing to the one-way system can seem intimidating. However, you can easily find out if upgrading to single-use can benefit your site by using pulp bedpans. Why not buy some pulp bedpans and after use, simply throw them away in a designated bin?


Sluicemaster can help put you in contact with pulp suppliers, or ask local distributors for prices and availability.

Factors to consider

  • Refuse collection: you will fill up clinical waste bins faster, so make sure you have regular waste collection processes in place.
  • Storage and supply: ensure you have a reliable supply and a designated, clean storage area for fresh bedpans.
  • Training: make sure staff are aware of up-to-date practices.
  • Infection control review: hold regular infection control reviews to assess the success of the system.
  • Completing the one-way system: consider using a macerator for a comprehensive and secure one-way system.


Through making the easy upgrade to single use, you can improve infection control measures in your facility.